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The Knight Watch: Senior Advertisements

The Knight Watch's May issue "Hellos and Goodbyes" is looking to provide farewell, best wishes, and congratulations to the current senior class. If you would like to write a message, even include an image, please fill out the secure form below. Make sure you select the option, upload an image (if applicable) and provide payment. All messages will be available online at The Knight Watch's website and in the print edition. Both will be available May 9th, 2018 to view.

Option 1: Single Advertisement (140 characters)       $5.00

Option 2: Single Advertisement WITH image (140 characters)       $7.00

Option 3: Double Advertisement (280 characters)       $8.00

Option 4: Double Advertisement WITH image (280 characters)        $10.00

Advertisements may be for more than one senior if you want to write it to a group of seniors, make sure you include each of their names below.

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